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Year Round Yarn Wreath Under $7!

Hey friends! I hope that you are having a great weekend! Today I wanted to stop in and share a new wreath that I made. I love brightening my front door with a decorative wreath but I don’t like needing to create a new one every season or holiday.  

After seeing so many lovely yarn-wrapped wreaths popping up all over the internet I was inspired to make one, but it seemed too time-consuming and expensive if it could not be easily transformed throughout the year. I found the perfect solution – magnets!

If you think it would be nice to have just one wreath you could use all year, here’s your chance to make one!

First you'll need this:

Pool Noodle ($1@ Dollar Tree)
Yarn ($1@ Dollar Tree)
Magnets ($3.99@ Staples)
Duct Tape
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Energy, Dr Pepper, & TLC Network for entertainment

Here’s how:

1. Bend pool noodle into a circle until both ends meet. Then tape them together using duct tape.
2. Use your glue gun to adhere magnets to the part of your wreath where you would like to put decorations. I used the tip of my glue gun to melt the foam around the magnets so they are flush with the wreath. Make sure to use strong enough magnets that will work through the yarn.  
3. Tie your yarn around the noodle wreath to start. Then loosely wrap yarn around the wreath, lightly tugging on the ball-end of the yarn to tighten and push the yarn together. Repeat the process until covered, then cut your yarn and sew it through the first few starting strands on the wreath using a yarn needle and tie it off.
4. Make your decorations and add magnets to them. I used alligator clips to help hold my felt bunting in place.

It’s takes a few hours but it is SO WORTH IT. I'm looking forward to updating my new wreath all year long.
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Awesome wreath...I like how you used magnets to make this an interchangeable wreath!

    1. Thanks..I like how quickly I can swap my wreath decorations, but at first I wasn’t sure if the magnets would work through the yarn. It took a few trips to different stores until I found magnets that were strong enough.

  2. This looks great! I'm going to have to use the method for upcoming holidays since I kind of missed it for the 4th!

    1. Thanks Clare! Now that the 4th has come and gone, I’m planning a summer wreath with little felt pinwheels. The possibilities are endless!

  3. Super cute! I made one out of ribbon instead yesterday bc I was too lazy to sit there and cover it in yarn! Love yours!

    1. Covering the wreath with yarn is the most tedious part for sure. I like the look of the ribbon and burlap too, but I had the gray yarn and I thought it would look good for summer and especially great when Halloween rolls around :)

  4. How clever! I never would have thought to use magnets. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  5. Great wreath! I love that you used a pool noodle too.
    Thank you so much for linking up to the Pinworthy Projects Party!

  6. Just to let you know that you have been featured on my link party -

    Natasha xx

    1. Hi Natasha! Thank you for the feature and being such an awesome supporter of my little blog :)


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