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Thimbleberry Jam

My favorite part of living in Oregon is walking through the woods and spotting all of the native edible berry plants. I've grown up nibbling on Salmonberries, Salal berries and Oregon grape, but my favorites by far are Blackberries and Thimbleberries!

While walking around my neighborhood today I found a handful of ripe Thimbleberries. The tart yet sweet fruit makes for a delicious jam, so I froze them until I have enough berries to make a jar or two.
Never heard of a Thimbleberry? They are one of the tastiest fruits in the Pacific Northwest! The soft, juicy T-berry has a taste like no other – an intense tart-sweet, with a rose flavor similar to raspberries. The small seeds leave a nutty taste as they melt in your mouth – a real treat for berry lovers!

This native bramble shrub is found from Alaska east to British Columbia and Michigan; and south to California, New Mexico and into Northwestern Mexico. What to look for - It's a thornless shrub with velvety soft maple shaped leaves, a pure white flower closely resembling blackberry blossoms, a distinct bark that peels into tiny fragments and bears ruby-red thimble shaped berries that look similar to raspberries.

If you're lucky enough to have these delicious scarlet berries in your area, here is an easy jam recipe.

  • 2 cups Thimbleberries
  • 2 cups sugar

Do not wash the Thimbleberries—pick them over to remove debris and insects. Mix the sugar and berries, then bring to a boil for 2 minutes. Pour into sterilized jars and seal at once.

Before consuming any wild plant be absolutely certain that you have properly identified the plant and check with a health care professional before using any wild plant medicinally.

There are no known side effects of consuming these fruits in moderate amounts, but overconsumption can cause some adverse health effects. One should immediately consult a physician in case of any adverse effects. It is advisable to avoid using these berries in any form during pregnancy, as it may lead to various complications.

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  1. Hey Bekah!

    I didn't know you live in Oregon! Me too!! How fun... I love all the fresh produce in the PNW!

    Have a great week!

    1. Hi Danielle!

      Yup I've lived on the Coast going on 20 years now. I love the produce too; we know lots of people who have farms near us so we’re well stocked on fresh veggies, eggs and meat. :)

      Have a wonderful weekend!


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