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Free: Printable No Soliciting Sign

In the last few years my apartment complex has been plagued by unwanted guests. I've had several politicians ask for my vote, people of various religions trying to convert me, and countless people trying to sell me things I don’t need. After receiving 3 knocks in one day, I knew I had to stop the parade of endless intrusions. Grrrrr!

I first thought of making a wooden plaque and hanging it outside, but painting it by hand seemed a little daunting plus I didn't think it would last long against the elements. {Daydreaming about what I could make with a Silhouette}

Since I have a large pane of glass in my front door, I decided to hang a picture frame inside and avoid the issue of weatherproofing altogether. Once I had that part figured, I had to plan out what I wanted it to say. The sign had to welcome my friends and family, but also notify strangers in a nice way that they are unwelcome. Girl Scouts are the only exception, of course!

I've had my sign up for a few weeks now and so far it seems to be working because they no longer bother me!

{download here}

Are you annoyed with solicitors too? Why not make your own "No Soliciting Sign"; it's a friendly and cute way to keep your home undisturbed by solicitors!

1) 5" X 7" in frame
2) Light colored scrapbook paper, cut into an 8 1/2" X 11" piece
3) Color printer
4) Ribbon in matching colors
5) Clear 1/4" bumpers *optional

How To:
1) Print sign on scrapbook paper. *Always test print first.
2) Take glass out of the frame, place on top of printed sign, line up and trace around glass with a pencil.
3) Cut sign out and place into the frame along with the glass.
4) Place bumpers on all four corners of the frame to help keep it in place as the door opens and closes.
5)Thread ribbon through the eye ring on the back of the picture frame, knot securely and hang.

Total time: around 15 minutes
Total cost: under $12
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  1. Love this! I saw another blogger made one with wood and paint and I was totally going to make one...but this is so much easier and cheaper...and I have almost everything on hand at home! Thanks :)

  2. Nice! A wonderful idea,will be making this soon.Thank-you

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  4. Nice piece of information!!! I purchased this No Soliciting Sign, to keep solicitors away from my door. This sticker is great because only the letters 'no solicitors' shows up on the door. The letters are bright and well defined and allow the color of the door to show through. Many of the signs at the local hardware store were large and bulky and stuck to the door with adhesives that I was hesitant to use. With this sign there is no damage to the door when I want to change the location of the sticker. My front door gets lots of direct sunlight and the sticker is still looks colorful. It has not faded from the sun. Prior to the sticker I was getting three or more solicitors a week. I have not had one come to the door since placing the sticker on. Keep on sharing!!!

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