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DIY – Spray Painted Owl

A few weeks ago while browsing through Goodwill; I spotted this little hooty owl staring back at me from a shelf. For $3.99 he had to come home with me. I thought this would be a simple makeover. Boy, was I wrong! My lack of spray-painting skills has never been more obvious. The paint kept bubbling and a small section peeled completely off! Realizing that I should have primed the surface first, I sanded all of the peeled areas with fine sandpaper and touched it up with a few more coats. Avoid my paint mess by starting with one coat of primer and then two coats of gloss spray-paint. Sand down imperfections with 400 grit sandpaper in-between coats, once dry. Whew! I’m glad that project is over! Despite the painting mishap, I love the little guy. He looks so darn cute now that he’s all white.  

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