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Organizing Scented Wax Bars + Review

If there is one thing I love it is a great smelling home! Scented wax bars fill my apartment with delicious smells. My all time favorite ‘flavor’ is Cuccumber Lime from Scentsy. Yummy.

Digging through a drawer each time I want to refresh my homes fragrance is annoying, especially if I have unexpected guests on their way over and my apartment still smells like last night’s fish dinner. Yuck!

I cleared out a junk drawer filled with nothing but randomly flavored gum (I had coupons!) and cut up an old box to make drawer dividers. Oh no I couldn't stop there like a normal person would, I had to cover the cardboard dividers with pretty paper and label each section by season. Now they are easy to access and I can grab a scent quickly. Bring on the unexpected visitors!

I've wanted to do a high end vs. low end post for a while. This review is based on my two year observation of both Scentsy and the knock-offs available at WalMart, Hobby Lobby and Fred Meyer.

The differences in my opinion are that Scentsy comes with a warranty and they have a larger selection of smells and warmers. Harmony Home, Scentsational and BHG  smells aren't as strong and don’t last as long but they are cheaper so you get what you pay for. The knock-off brands tend to smell burnt or have a stale potpourri smell after the first hour.

I have occasionally in the past picked up the cheaper ones at the store {I've given away most of them}, but if I want high quality scents that last and really cute warmers I'm willing to fork over a tiny bit more money and buy Scentsy products . An extra $2.50 is worth it for a must have scent!  

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  1. “If there is one thing I love it is a great smelling home!” – Same here, Bekah! I always love a sweet-smelling space! I regularly put some scented bars on strategic corners of the house to maintain the fresh scent. And good move on organizing your scented wax bars! Not only will it look organized, but it will prevent the aroma of each bar to mix with the others.

  2. Thanks Bekah ..As a scentsy consultant we always love reviews and you said it yourself you get what you pay for ... that was one of the reasons when i ended becoming a consultants .. as was always a buyer and figured might as well make some supplemental cash off it lol


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