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Coupon Organizing Stickers

This past weekend I finally organized my coupon binder once and for all. I had grown so tired of going back every week and pulling out all of the expired coupons, so I decided to find a better solution. This is what I finally came up with: 4 color-coded stickers representing the month. Example: blue = Jan., pink = Feb., green = March & yellow = April. With these stickers I can quickly distinguish between coupon expiration dates and the best part, I only need to go through my coupons at the end of each month!  If blue is in the back of my binder, I simply take out the expired coupons and transfer the empty blue inserts to the front of the stack. Then I add my coupons that expire in May and repeat the process.This should make couponing a lot simpler! Don't toss your expired coupons, donate them! Military families outside of the USA can use your manufacture coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date! You can find all the details here

* I used Avery 5353, but you can use any self-adhesive full sheet label. 

I also decided to expand my coupon categories from 17 to 26, this way it's a lot easier to keep organized. For example, cleaning items and paper products now have there own sections, which means I can find things a lot faster without having to look through one giant coupon section.  
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  1. I would love to see your actual coupon binder. I don't think I am understanding your expiration system... Why are only 4 months included?

  2. I'm also having difficulty understanding. How do you organize by item category AND expiration date? Do you have a sticker on the page and organize them by page within the specific categories?

    1. I have my binder broken up into 26 categories and within each category I use the 4 stickers to represent the month that the coupons expire. I only made 4 different stickers, since most coupons last less than a couple of months. Example {Hair Care} Blue: exp Jan - Pink: exp Feb – Green: exp Mar – Yellow: exp April. Then May replaces Jan and June replaces Feb and so on. I hope this helps.

  3. I guess I'm confused as well...if you have colored inserts for your binder, what do you do with the stickers?
    Also, what kind of pages do you use to hold the coupons? Regular page protectors, something more like baseball card holders, or something else? I'm trying to figure out if this is a system I can help my mom set up :)

  4. I simply take out the expired coupons and transfer the empty blue inserts to the front of the stack.Costco Photo Promo Code


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